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Ph. D

Weimin Li

Dr. Li is an Associate Professor of the Washington State University, College of Medicine. His research focuses on defining the molecular mechanisms and regulation of cancer cell survival and growth using native tissue-memetic 3D cultures and animal models. He had seven years of clinical care experience as an oncologist treating cancer patients. His research training spans the areas of medical molecular genetics, hypoxia regulation of angiogenesis, cell cycle regulation, transgenic mouse models, and lipid kinase regulation of gene transcription in response stress signals. Dr. Li’s team has bioengineered and applied tissue matrix scaffold (TMS) systems using primary tissue extracellular matrix (ECM) that provides compositional, structural, and mechanical mimicries of native tissues for cell cultures, tumor modeling and mechanistic studies, and drug screening. Their goal is to develop novel diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic approaches for the cure of human cancers.Related publications