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Tissue Microenvironment Solutions for Biomedical Research and Precision Medicine

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MxDx Bio Core Technologies

In the body, cells reside and operate in the extracellular matrix (ECM), which is a structural scaffold comprised of glycoproteins, polysaccharides, and proteoglycans. It provides a physical support to the tissues, but also serves as a complex reservoir of binding ligands and signaling molecules that drive a wide range of biological functions of tissue cells.

MxDx Bio employs ECM-derived biomaterials as the core technology that support cells in the organoid and organ-on-a-chip portfolio. One strategy is the use of decellularized or reconstituted ECM from native tissues, thus maintaining the majority of structural and biochemical factors of a given tissue type. This is a comprehensive platform that best mimics the complexity of the ECM in vivo.

Extracellular matrix biomaterials:
  • Tissue Matrix Scaffold (TMS)
  • ECM Hydrogels
  • Supports cell-laden┬áin vivo┬áimplantation
  • Customized shapes or sizes are possible
Biomarker, Drug, and toxicological screening:
  • Biomedical research and novel biomarker discoveries
  • Pharmacological drug and toxicological screening
  • Clinical diagnostic and prognostic screening
  • Personalized and precision medicine
3D Bioprinting:
  • 3D bioprinting has advanced rapidly since its inception, particularly with respect to hardware platforms, yet much less attention has been paid to understanding the interactions between the biomaterials, or bioinks, with the bioprinting hardware and the cells that populate bioinks.
In vitro disease models:
  • The culmination of MxDx Bio technology portfolio is a versatile platform comprised of in vitro and
    ex vivo disease models, including 3D organoids and organ-on-a-chip systems.
Precise Medicine

Built By Researchers

MxDx Bio aims to provide its unique proprietary technologies and mproducts to its customers. The platforms we developed are derived from native tissue ECM at total or select component levels that closely mimics natural tissues microenvironment for biomedical and bioengineering applications.

MxDx Bio

Our Formula

The MxDx Bio formula is inspired by native biology, engineered to be a biomimetic platform, thus emulating human physiology, while incorporating engineered utility and usability for the end user.

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A Difference

  • Small Molecule, Antibody, and Novel Therapeutic Screening

  • Drug Efficacy and Toxicology Screening

  • Prognostic Screening

  • Diagnostic Screening for Biomarker Expression in 3D Cultures

  • Microfluidic Products

  • Bioinks

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