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Ph. D

Aleksander Skardal

Dr. Aleks Skardal is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and member of the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. His research focuses on using customizable biomaterials and biofabrication techniques to create tissue and tumor model systems, such as organoids and tissue chips, for drug and toxicology testing and to explore biological phenomena such as metastatic tumor growth. His early research efforts yielded several of the very first published papers that involved development of “bioinks” for 3D bioprinting. Since, Dr. Skardal’s team has further developed extracellular matrix-mimicking bioinks for a variety of biofabrication applications, culminating in a tissue and tumor organoid/organ-on-a-chip research program that employ human patient-derived biospecimens to biofabricate personalized in vitro/ex vivo models for precision medicine applications and predictive therapy guidance.